The Sudbury of Europe

Disclaimer: I am using a french keyboard, which is just different enough to be VERY annoying. Please excuse strangely puncutated sentences or typos:

When I was in the Netherlands I was trying to plan out where I would go in Belgium and was given some solid advice: Do NOT miss Bruges and do not bother with Liège; it is the ugliest city in Europe. Of course when I heard this I thought to myself I MUST see this city. I was convinced that I could find the redeeming qualities of the city. I searched high (I climbed the 373 stairs of Montagne de Bueren) and I searched low (the rest of the city) but have yet to find something spectacular. However; the inhabitants of the city seem to be content, leaving me to wonder what I have missed.  In search of answers, I headed towards the Cathedral. It really is quite stunning and it backs onto a courtyard where I found a bench and consulted my Bible. According to the Book; Liège “always makes an impression… [it is] a gritty place that takes time to know.”  Well, that kind of accuracy is why I read my Lonley Planet before I go to sleep at night.  So if it takes time to know, I can only assume that Liège is Europe`s version of Sudbury: visitors will leave uninspired but once you live there a while you gain an appreciation for the city and its surroundings.  I am not commited enough to this hypothesis to stay longer than one night, but if anyone does stick it out in Liège for a while please let me know how it goes!

That said; Bruges was stunning. I am too frustrated with the french keyboard to go into much detail but I am glad that I was convinced not to skip it. Tomorrow I head to Brussels for two nights before heading to Amsterdam.  I hope all is well with everyone qt home.



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3 responses to “The Sudbury of Europe

  1. cathy

    I am delighted that you took the time to see beauty in the world around you. It is a goal that I have set for myself, and today met it before going outside, by seeing a cardinal and a junko in the backyard. For the religious, the bird, not the pompous kind. Lots of love to you Meagan.

  2. Devon

    Are you going to see the manneken pis in Brussels?? You better be! I didn’t get to see it and I am left feeling like I missed something (we only drove through Belgium, we did not stop anywhere). When in Amsterdam you MUST go to Anne Frank’s House, it was one of the most moving things I have ever done. Also I found that their junk food was top notch, plus the red light district is super interesting to walk through (and oddly very safe feeling).

  3. Aunt Mary Anne

    Well at last you found anu ugly place in Europe. It’s a must on every trip. We found perverts in Paris! Life is good here and all is well. I leave on Wed to see your mom. I hope that the Easter bunny finds us. I love reading your messages. Quite a sense of humour kid. Can’t wait for the next installment. Enjoy! Love Aunt MA

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