Huh. I guess that’s why they call it “work.”

Long day at the office.  Mondays are my longest day, or at least they feel that way. My actual teaching hours on Mondays are tied with Wednesdays, but Monday ends with a bang. The “bang” being a class that is large and has little desire to focus on English lessons. I can’t say that I blame them. Anyhow, they are not a bad class, they just require a bit more structure than I have been able to provide thus far. Now that I know a bit more of what to expect from them I think I’ll be able to plan my lessons a bit more and things (hopefully) should get easier. For now though, exhaustion.

The exhaustion is compounded by the fact that nothing is simple anymore. Coming home and making grilled cheese means that at some previous point in time I have channelled my inner hunter-gatherer and found the items required to make grilled cheese. Easier said than done. Last week at the grocery store I think that while I was trying to mime through a situation I accidentally told a lady that I’m pregnant. And every time I enter a major store while wearing my winter coat I set off security alarms. In Canada I could just explain myself and carry on. Here however, it leads to a general breakdown of communication and universal embarrassment. Seriously, I think that I manage to embarrass the ENTIRE UNIVERSE.  Now I wear a spring jacket and shiver all the way to the store if I need toilet paper. It’s just easier that way. And, while we’re on the topic of “awkward things Meagan does,” I might as well add in that at least once a day I give the wrong bill when I’m trying to pay for something and then I take way longer than I should to figure it out and the cashier gets embarrassed for me. (It should be noted that South Korean bills, like Canadian bills, are colour coded. I have no excuses here.)

Please don’t mistake this for complaining. Overall, I am happy. And I usually can just laugh at the situation as soon as it’s over; it’s just getting through the moment that can be tough.  But even in my most desperately overwhelmed moments, I can still pause to remind myself that I have chosen this and that this is so much better than living in a city that puts a goat on the front page of the newspaper at least once a year.

And I sort of knew that I would hit this “wall” eventually. It just has happened a bit sooner than expected.  However, it’s all a part of the adventure. (Cliché alert! Get ready for another one in 3…2…1…) The frustrations also remind me to appreciate the victories, no matter how small. For instance, I considered it to be nothing short of miraculous when I successfully purchased conditioner on the weekend. (I checked as soon as I got home to see if I had mistakenly purchased shampoo.)

Anyhow, all of this was my long-winded way of letting you know that if I don’t post frequently for the next little while, it’s just because I’m out there figuring things out. And I certainly don’t mean that in a large, metaphysical way. I mean, figuring out things like “how old am I in Korea?” (Answer: either 26 or 27, I’m still not sure.) Simple things take a bit more time these days, and I’m ok with that.


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