You might have been wondering why my posts have been so apartment-centric. I mean, I’ve been in Korea for a month now, haven’t I gotten out of my apartment to check things out? Well, not really. I went into survival mode a bit when I first got here, meaning I wanted to check out my neighbourhood and figure out how to, well, survive. So I finally figured out how the garbage and recycling system works. I found the best grocery store. I found an English bookstore (not in my neighbourhood, but worth the trek.)  And then once I was feeling settled and perhaps a bit more adventurous, I got sick. So I spent the first two weekends getting settled and the next two weekends getting healthy.  However, I finally got out of the apartment and out of the city today!

I decided to check out Bukhansan National Park, which is home to the Bukhansanseong Fortress. However, I made a wrong turn somewhere and I didn’t make it to the Fortress. Instead, I found a cool temple, although my remarkable Google skills have yet to lead me to a name for the temple. Anyhow, it was pretty gorgeous, so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

This little guy greets us as we get closer to the temple.

In the end, my legs were happy that I saved the longer trek to the Fortress for another, perhaps less icy day.


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