Random Lists

This week was… challenging. It had some serious ups and some serious downs. Rather than getting into the (sometimes) ugly details, I’ve made a few lists of highlights:

Things I never thought I’d say nonchalantly, but did this week

1)   “Oh, that? Yeah, they’re going to cut off my electricity if I don’t pay the bill soon.”

2)   “My neck and arms are covered in blue dots. That’s unfortunate.” (Courtesy of an exploding chalk pen.)

Lies that I told in Korean class because I didn’t have a clue what was going on:

1)   “No, I don’t speak French! “(I said no because I thought the question was “Do they speak English in France.”)

2)   “I am American.”

3)   “I am Korean.”

4)   “I am Chinese.”

5)   “This is my mother.” (In reference to the girl sitting beside me)

Things that I never thought I’d say, but did this week:

1)   ”Thank GOODNESS that today isn’t a snow day!” (That would have meant going into work on Saturday.)

2)   “Louis Riel is finally eating! I guess he likes bloodworms.”

3)   “Did the teapot have better manners, or the girl?” (Thank you, Walt Disney.)

Things that I learned this week:

1)   When the cone part of the ice cream eraser is gone, it looks like – and there is no delicate way to say this – poop.

2)   The Korean language uses the same words for “snow” and “eye.”

3)   Some trains on my subway line don’t go all the way downtown; they stop four stations after mine. I knew that part already. What I learned is this: no matter how much I plan, I will always arrive at the station as the train is leaving and the next train is one that doesn’t go downtown, doubling my wait time.  Blerg.

4)   Sometimes you have to give in and pay an exuberant and incorrect amount of money in order to keep your electricity running. Is it worth it? Probably, at least in the winter.

5)   The regular-looking baguette at the grocery store is sometimes filled with chunks of cheese! So yes, despite stupid electricity bills, life is also filled with pleasant surprises.



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3 responses to “Random Lists

  1. Devon

    This is my mother is my favorite lie on the lists. Mainly because it totally made me think of “Your mom’s on that bus!” Also because I bet the kids thought it was funny.

  2. Meagan

    Haha! I should have clarified. I told those lies in my class where I learn Korean. Not in an English class that I was teaching. But I’m glad you liked it nonetheless!

  3. Laticia

    Lesson learned! Only strawberry ice cream erasers from now on…

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