I went to Japan again…

This time to Osaka and Kyoto. It was hot and I slept a lot. I returned to Korea a little reluctantly but feeling very refreshed.  Here are some pictures:

the Kenninji Temple grounds in the Gion district of Kyoto

Tenninji Temple in Kyoto

Ema at Yasaka Shrine in the Gion district of Kyoto

Ema are a staple at Japanese shrines. Visitors can purchase the planks and write down their wishes. They then leave their wishes to hang at the shrine and hope that they come true. It’s especially common to make wishes around the New Year or school exam periods.

Omikuji at Yasaka Shrine

Omikuji are also available at most Shinto shrines in Japan. These are fortunes that have been written on strips of paper. Visitors can make a donation and choose the fortune at random from a box. (Although apparently they are now commonly sold in vending machines.)  The fortunes  say anything from “Great blessing” to “Great curse.”  Attaching the fortune to the wires that hang on the temple grounds (or a pine tree) is said to make the good fortunes even better while minimizing the impact of the more negative fortunes.

Lanterns at Yasaka Shrine

Osaka Castle

P.S. Sorry about the annoying depth of field in a lot of the photos. I bought a new camera lens just prior to leaving and I spent a lot of the trip playing with it.


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  1. cathy

    great pictures

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