Comfort foods

I will finish writing about Taiwan soon. However, I’ve been struck with a pretty awful cold, one of those colds that makes getting dressed seem like an extensive and painful process.  Today I decided to make some soup, and I also decided that it would be a good time to learn how to cook lentils or beans.  So I went to the little  store around the corner and I looked for a long time at the different kinds of beans. Eventually I realised that I didn’t know what any of them were so I just bought the bag that looked best.

when I got home I collapsed into my chair and turned to the translator on my computer to tell me what I had purchased.  It was no help, it told me I had purchased Frost thay. Huh? Perhaps, I though, the internet will be better. So I typed the korean into an online translater and was given this gem:

Thanks to Google I did finally figure out that they were black soybeans, which is an added bonus because they apparently don’t require soaking.  I don’t know how the soup will turn out, but  I hope it’s turns out well. I really want to be able to cook Frost Crack Soup for my mom when I get back to Canada.

Update: It was purple. It tasted ok, but it was completely purple. Carrots and all.


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