Things I did this week, in no particular order:

  • Observed the grim reaper as he wrote a placement test, restlessly swinging his scythe back and forth.
  • Taught an official “how to trick-or-treat” lesson.
  • Ate live octopus (you have to chew a lot or else it will stick to your throat on the way down.)
  • Sang the most awkward noraebang duet of my life. (“You’re Just to Good to be True,” accompanied by my school’s other foreign teacher, after we were peer pressured by the Korean staff.  We did, however, recieve a perfect score.)
  • Remembered how hyper children can become just by thinking about candy.
  • Celebrated the return of frosty weather by breaking out the alligator mittens.
  • Looked ridiculous awesome while zip-lining through the trees.



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2 responses to “Things I did this week, in no particular order:

  1. Becca

    Hi! I have questions.
    a) When you say the octopus is alive, do you mean… like… you are chewing on it and its still concious? or… like a live lobster where you pick it out when its alive and then they cook it?
    b) Was this the octopus that used to predict sports?


  2. Meagan

    Hi Becca,
    a) Good question. BIologically, I guess it is dead. The head is cut off. however, it is so freshly dead that it still suctions and it tries to run away from your chopsticks on the plate. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience, to be honest.
    b) No, I didn’t eat Paul the Octopus. These ones were much younger.

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