Oh, hey there!

Map of Japan with Toyama highlighted

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Oh, hi!

Remember when I used to update my blog? Yeah, me neither. It’s been a while. I guess I never even really wrote about New Zealand or Taiwan or Hong Kong, sorry! (maybe I’ll do that now… but probably I’ll forget once I finish this sentence.)  However, I have some exciting, blogtastic news! I’m moving to Japan!  At the end of the month I’ll be headed to Tokyo for a few days and then to Toyama, on the West coast of Honshu.

As far as “recent events in Japan” are concerned,  I’ll be relatively uneffected by the situation in Fukushima and Tohoku. Toyama is roughly 350 km from the reactors at Fukushima, which means that day-to-day life is basically business as usual.

And what does that daily life look like? Well, I’ll be teaching, but in my downtime I’m hoping to take advantage of the Japanese Alps, which run through the prefecture. (It doesn’t matter that it’s been 10 years; skiing is just like riding a bike, right? RIGHT? No? Well, maybe I’ll start with hiking.) I’ll also be on the ocean; however, the beaches in Toyama are said to be somewhat mediocre.  On the flip side, I’m told the onsen are great. So perhaps I shall embrace public nudity.

According to the prefecture’s website, Toyama also boasts ” a low outbreak of fires.” This is great because it’s not only an optimistic way of saying “we get a lot of rain,”  but it also helps to ease my fears of spontaneous combustion.

If I ever get bored of the mountains, onsen, and not being on fire then I can just hope on a train.  Toyama is about  3-4 hours from Tokyo and Osaka, so there will be plenty of opportunities for weekend adventures.  Hopefully I’ll get my act together and let you guys know about my upcoming adventures! Here we go again!


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  1. Carolyn

    Hey Meagan! Great to hear from you. Telepathy works. Why I checked your blog tonight, only you will know. And, say. You’re always on fire with me, but don’t pin your “hope”s on a train.
    Your plans sound truly terrific. Tell us more, and more again, please. And post a good old Ontari-ario BEFORE picture of you, so we can enjoy the AFTERs once you are thoroughly settled in your new Japanese digs.
    Lotsa love from Galiano.
    Your loyal fan, Carolyn

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