Happy as a clam!

So, things around these parts have been busy. Certainly the busiest that I have been in a long time. Not with anything super important, just life. Still, I have been feeling a bit like this lately:

courtesy of Gemma Correll

I have booked my travel for winter. I have been hoarding vacation days like a squirrel but it is going to pay off with my (almost) 4 week vacation in December.  I am beyond excited to visit my dad in Thailand.  I will also be hopping up to Cambodia for about a week.  I have not been this excited about a trip since my first trip to Europe.

So, anyhow, more posts are on the way. I am still alive and doing dumb stuff and looking forward to more adventures so I can do dumb stuff in more cool places.  That’s the update!

ETA: I really wish that WordPress had a warning: Are you SURE you want to publish this with stupid typos?


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