Back in Asia

Hi everyone! 

When I left Japan I kind of forgot that I have a blog. I’m in China for a few weeks though and thought I would give this a shot. Let’s see if I can actually post anything from China. To test, let’s try with some photos.  





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4 responses to “Back in Asia

  1. Anonymous

    the sunflowers are fabulous, and the best chips! cath

  2. JoAnn Niemann

    Love he pictures. The sunflowers actually look like they have a face. Have great time in China. Looking forward to your blogs. Enjoy

  3. Karl Niemann

    Interesting Picture of the flavoured waters. When we were in Shanghai they sold water without any English and beside the fruit flavours they also had meat and fish flavoured waters. Yum

  4. Me

    Oh my goodness that sounds like a terrible gamble! Although now I want to keep an eye out for meat water. Could be a good souvenir for my brother.

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