My name is Meagan.  I’m a Canadian living and teaching in Japan.  I used to do the same thing in South Korea.

If I were a unicorn, I would probably look like this:

I think starfish, penguins and puppies are all great.  I think that inspirational horse movies are not.

My blog title stems from the fact that its very existence is such a cliché. (I started it when I went backpacking in Europe after university.  I continued to blog when I moved to Asia to teach English.  A total  cliché.)  I began writing as a way to let my family and friends know that I was still alive. Now, I write more to record this ridiculous point in my life. Sometimes I write often, other times I write sporadically.


3 responses to “About

  1. “I love to travel (and repeat myself) and live all over the place. But then I am faced with the sad reality that I can’t pack my friends and family with me. Mostly because they are too big to fit in my pack”

    You calling me fat?

  2. Meagan

    Yes. Yes I am calling you fat. Becca, I’m glad that my subtleties don’t escape you.

  3. Karl Niemann

    Hi Meagan

    Your mother passed on yor blog to us and I enjoyed reading it. Your both very funny and profound. What a nice way to keep your friends informed.

    I can emphazise with your experiences in many ways because, as a young man, I traveld to countries where nopbody spoke my language. While renting a room in England, I remeber trying to light my stove when nobody had told me that I first had to put shillings into the gas meter in the hall. So to me your stories make sense.

    Enjoy the trip and keep blogging…


    PS: This has no spell checker and after all these years I still spell with an accent!

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