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Life is moving along here. I have nothing especially momentous or noteworthy to share this week. Of course, at least once a day I have a personal victory of some sort, but you  (and I) would be bored to tears if I blogged about finding garbage bags at the grocery store.

Today I went into Ilsan. It’s the more affluent part of my city and everything there is new. It was built in the last fifteen years to help ease Seoul’s crowded housing situation.  One of  Ilsan’s big draws is Lake Park, which is exactly as it sounds: a giant man-made lake with parklands surrounding it. While it’s certainly is no Tofino or David Lake, it is a nice area.

The frozen lake

Buildings line Lake Park

Here’s a fun fact: Seoul has a law that states that all high-rise buildings must have a sculpture out front. The result is a city filled with interesting creations by artists from all over the world. I have no idea if Goyang has a similar policy but sculptures seem to popluar. Lake Park is peppered with statues and artworks with plaques explaining them. Luckily, the plaques are written in Hangul, so we get to use our imaginations to figure out what the sculptures are all about. (Some are more obvious than others.)

My guess: a seal chasing it's tail.

My guess: a seal chasing its tale.

To the layperson this might look like a representation of bamboo. To my highly trained eye, however, it is clearly . . . yeah, I've got nothing. It's bamboo.

This one's my favourite: We bow down to television like we used to worship God?

And thus concludes my (potentially) gross misunderstandings of art, for today. Stay tuned. Perhaps next week I shall unveil the mystery of mime.


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