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Back to the familiar

I’m back in the Netherlands again and the return has made me realise just how much I loved this country.  It might just be because I was in Belgium, which I didn’t love, or it might be the familiarity- as I spent a week here prior to going to Belgium, or I might just genuinely love Holland. No matter what the reason, I’m glad to be back.  When the train passed ove r the boarder and I saw a Dutch train station sign again I heaved a  silent squeal of excitement. 

Belgium wasn’t bad either, but there wasn’t aything about it that made me excited to get out o bed in the morning. I did meet a new friend in Brussels, Lizzie.  Together with a German boy we went on an adventure around the town to find “Cafe Centrale,” which had been recommended to us by the hostel.  After every person we met gave us different directions to get to the cafe I started to think that Cafe Centrale was just a phantom bar that people told tourists to go to.  This feeling was reinforced when I asked one man “Est-ce que vous savez ou est Cafe Centrale?” and he answered “well, all of the cafes are central around here.” Thanks.  Anyhow, imagine my surprise when we did find this cafe finally, only to decide that it didn’t realy appeal to us so we went elsewhere.

So while Belgium had it’s fun moments, I was glad to be back in Amsterdam. Tomorrow I hop on a boat and head over to Great Britain. I’ll arrive in NewCastle  on the 10th and catch the train to Ediburgh, where I’ll spend Easter weekend. I then plan on heading up to Aberdeen. I likely won’t have access to the internet for a few days so if you don’t hear from me, please remember that chances are good that I have not yet been abducted .  Happy Easter!


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