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A post that has nothing to do with Michael Jackson’s son

Dear Blanket,

Until today, there was a void in my life. I had my new chair. It rocks and is big enough to curl up in and I was happy, at first. But then I realised that a chair isn’t worth curling up in without a blanket.  Thus I began my search for a blanket. I started at Emart but they had almost nothing. In fact, nothing would have been better than what they did have: small, ugly blankets with pumpkins on them.  Sale or no sale, I did not want that blanket mingling with my chair.  I went to Lotte Mart, where they had nothing. I went into some smaller stores, still nothing. Along the way I confused many kind Koreans who pointed to all sorts of bedding but could not direct me to a chair-curling-up blanket. Days passed and I still had no blanket. I spent evenings sitting in my chair, wondering what my future blanket was doing right at that moment.  Probably, I thought, it was sitting on a shelf and wondering when I would find so it could live up to its cuddle potential

And then, when I wasn’t even looking for a blanket, I found you.  I was in Emart to buy bread. You were in Emart because someone had returned you and thousands of other heartless, judgemental shoppers had rejected you.  Well, dear blanket, I decided to take a chance on you, you and your pumpkin pattern.

I’m not sure what it was that made me give you a second chance. Some might call it a great sale, but think of it as destiny.

Blanket, you taught me tolerance. I will no longer dismiss things based solely on their pattern. You have proven to be so much more than a Halloween-themed textile. In fact, you have restored my faith in life’s little surprises because you, dear blanket, are not only a blanket.  Oh, no.  Hidden inside your Korean packaging was a fantastic surprise: a hooded cape.  I didn’t know how much my life was missing a hooded cape until I found you.  So thank you cape, for reminding me that you can’t fall in love if you don’t take a chance.



Together at last



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