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Everybody has skills

So unemployment…. There are a few things that I do really well. I can make a mean brownie, an even better trip-cheesecake, and I’m a bit of a prodigy when it comes to creating awkward situations. I mean, I don’t want to toot my horn too much, but I’m a big deal in some circles.  Today I am adding to the list. I am exceptionally good at being unemployed and living with my mother (ULWMM, if you will). If you don’t count my childhood years then I have spent a combined total of about 4 months in this state so far and it looks like it will be my life situation for a little while longer. 

For those of you not “in-the-know,” after returning home from Europe I rocked out the ULWMM situation for about a month before I returned to the summer camp I had worked at during my university years. It was a fun summer. No helicopters or military airplanes were needed, so I consider that an immediate success.  I saw some bears, moose, and a lot of turtles. I also had some great campers, made new friends and invented an imaginary pony, named Mister Sunset.  All in all, it was an average summer.

But now I’m back at home, ULWMM.  My days are spent looking for employment (overseas, teaching ESL).  Basically my days go like this: Wake up, turn on computer, see a posting in a country I know nothing about. I go to the Lonely Planet page to see if it interests me at all. If yes, I do some more in-depth research regarding the country’s socio-political situation (thank you Wikipedia . . . I kid, mostly). From there I either send off an application or move on to the next posting. This usually lasts for a few hours, so most of the morning. Then sometimes at this point I’ve whipped myself into a Black Eyed Peas fuelled frenzy of energy and go for a run.  My run usually lasts about two, sometimes three songs and then I walk home.  By the time I’ve showered and put on grown up pants then I usually have an hour or two to put in some reading before my mom gets home. 

 So if any of you find yourselves unemployed and living with your parent(s) again, feel free to give me a holla. I can use my expertise to create an intellectually stimulating schedule for you to pass the hours. Oh, and if you just need some cheering up, I can consider lending you Mister Sunset.


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